The data center environment is constantly changing, making it difficult to stay abreast with the latest information and technology. AFCOM offers data center and facilities management professionals the best practices, insights, tools and resources to successfully manage today’s data center infrastructure.

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“It is impossible to stay current in this rapid changing environment on your own.  AFCOM provides a central forum and resource pool in its membership to share information and ideas to better manage the services we provide.” – Donna Manley, IT Sr. Director, University of Pennsylvania






“The greatest value I get as an AFCOM member is to be able to collaborate with like-minded individuals. It provides and creates an environment which promotes the exchange of knowledge and ideas.” – Tad Davies, Senior Vice President, Bick





“Being able to interact with others in the data center industry is invaluable. Being able exchange real world experiences save countless hours searching for answers or heading down the wrong path for new technology or problem resolution.” – Tim Hazzard, President, Methode






“The greatest value I get as an AFCOM member is the networking opportunities that provide me with contacts that can assist with guidance when problem solving or knowledge transfer as it relates to data center items such as telecom, operations or facilities.” – Tom Lang, Data Center Manager, Involta