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Welcome to the Chicago Chapter of AFCOM. We are excited to have you and trust that the benefits of membership will be worth your while. In support of the national organization's mission, we look to provide wisdom, insight, and perspective on various Data Center Topics ranging from the dirt all the way to the CPU. Our board of directors are always looking for new ideas and opportunities to support our mission and would be happy to hear from you. Don't hesitate to contact us at afcomchicago@gmail.com at any time. I look forward to meeting you!

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Latest News from the Chicago Chapter

Data Discourse: A Podcast Presented by the Chicago Chapter (Episode 4)

John Heiderscheidt (Host, AFCOM Chicago board member, MDI Access) talks with Dan Horwich (CAMP IT conferences) about CAMP IT programs, the value of networking, and security for IT personnel.

Podcast: Facilities downtime and avoidance strategies (Episode 3)

John Heiderscheidt (Host) interviews David Boston (Engineer, TiePoint-BKM Engineering) about occurrences of facility downtime, and strategies for avoiding facility downtime. David was a speaker at this year’s Data Center World event in Chicago.

Data Discourse: A Podcast Presented by AFCOM’s Chicago Chapter (part 2)

Description: Jaymie, Dean and John discuss comprehensive marketing strategy for tech / telecom businesses, the usefulness of social media as a marketing tool, metrics for measuring a successful marketing campaign, and 5G networks.

Discussion Topics

I attended Data Center World - this is what I've learned
For those of you that attended DCW, share your insights and things you've learned by attending the event.