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Best Practices for Your Emerging 5G Journey Checklist

Posted on 9/22/2020
5G is still an early development. With this in mind, here is a checklist of things to consider before embarking on your 5G journey.

Hyperscale Disruption: A Portrait of the Data Center Value Chain

Posted on 9/14/2020
Hyperscale has fundamentally transformed the data center market. We’re seeing suppliers, contractors, manufacturers and even end users adapting. This new value chain calls for greater partnership engagement and transparency to facilitate a new level

It's Time for a Holistic Security Review

Posted on 9/8/2020
It’s vital to dig a little deeper when assessing security to consider how a range of factors could impact the business and its ability to respond to a breach.

Monitoring Vendors a Never-Ending Project

Posted on 9/8/2020
If you think once you cross all the Ts and dot all the Is on an outsourcing contract, all the hard work is done, you couldn't be more wrong. You must continually measure and monitor the performance of your vendors and suppliers in order to ensure