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Latest Articles

Six Considerations When Planning Network Upgrades

Posted on 11/18/2019
The key to minimizing total long-term cost is to consider both the fiber cable infrastructure and optical transceivers together. With wise planning, especially prior to upgrading to 40 Gb or 100 Gb, data center operators can avoid costly maintenance

Taking a Unified Approach to IT Service and Asset Management

Posted on 11/11/2019
Here are five ways a unified ITSM and ITAM solution can help an enterprise IT organization work better.

Team AFCOM Visits Potomac

Posted on 11/11/2019
Two new AFCOM staffers recently attended a Potomac chapter meeting and welcomed new board members.

Tackle Scariest Cybercrime Tricks with Adaptive, Layered Security (Part 2)

Posted on 11/11/2019
While there aren’t any silver bullet solutions available to combat today’s cyberwarfare tactics, a layered and adaptive security approach can help provide the protection you need, when you need it.