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Latest Articles

Using Modular Server Enclosures to Recover Stranded Power

Posted on 6/18/2019
Hector Diaz says he has seen a large corporation struggle with running out of space in its brand-new flagship data center, preempting it them from deploying enough IT infrastructure to support growth plans. The solution to procure space from colocati

Soaring Into the Clouds the Right Way

Posted on 6/11/2019
It is a given that at least something you do will jump to the cloud. It is more important to know how, what and when to get in there.

Data Centers Must Move from Reducing Energy to Controlling Water

Posted on 6/3/2019
Obviously traditional data center cooling systems use water. And while we can’t change the physics of how many BTUs versus how much water is used, we can control them.

Differences Between Short- and Long-term Storage

Posted on 5/14/2019
By defining a data retention policy for an organization, storage costs can be slashed, as less important data can be moved to a less expensive tier of storage.