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Past newsletters have featured articles including:

  • IT Infrastructure Predictions for 2016
  • Is Your Organization Ready for Application and Desktop Virtualization?
  • Five Ways to Increase Data Center Resilience
  • The Impact of Emerging Data Rates on Layer One Fiber Cabling Infrastructure
  • The whole package: Is parcel protocol right for your data transfer needs?
  • What Senior Execs Must Know about Enterprise Data Center Strategy
  • The Year That Was in the Data Center

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Chicago to Host Day of Putting and Nomad Futurist Podcasts

In addition to golf, Nomad Futurists will conduct three live podcasts with a cross-section of participants from the critical infrastructure industry at the Chicago Chapter event.

Looking for a Colocation Provider?

Selecting a colocation provider has many moving parts—and opportunities for mistakes. It can be very stressful and demanding on your time. Be sure to have a data center model and strategy, and tour at least your colo finalists’ sites.

Digitalization: IT and Facilities Must Be On the Same Page

It is incumbent on IT managers and facility managers to plan ahead with digitalization in mind, as well as greater interconnectivity between their mutual systems.

Four Factors Driving 100 Gbps Network Upgrades

There is a clear march to higher data rates with 100 Gbps being the primary target. So, what is driving enterprises to upgrade their connectivity to 100 Gbps.

Three Use Cases Showcasing Edge Computing at Work Today

Here are three use cases from the manufacturing, retail, and shipping industries that showcase how edge computing is being applied.

Top Five Insidious Mainframe Myths to Debunk

The mainframe monolith turns out to be more open and flexible than you might have imagined - when alternative approaches are considered and when cloud is part of the equation.

AFCOM Potomac Chapter Turns COVID Tragedy into Educational Opportunity

AFCOM's Potomac Chapter has created a new scholarship for the NOVA Community College (NVCC) Data Center Operations Management class. The Wendy Darling Scholarship Fund honors Potomac Chapter Board Member Stuart Dyer’s mother, who passed away in Octob

Renewing Colocation Contracts: Getting More, Spending Less

Enterprises can successfully reduce costs and improve services during most contract renewals if managers are aware of market dynamics and intelligently plan the process.