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Past newsletters have featured articles including:

  • IT Infrastructure Predictions for 2016
  • Is Your Organization Ready for Application and Desktop Virtualization?
  • Five Ways to Increase Data Center Resilience
  • The Impact of Emerging Data Rates on Layer One Fiber Cabling Infrastructure
  • The whole package: Is parcel protocol right for your data transfer needs?
  • What Senior Execs Must Know about Enterprise Data Center Strategy
  • The Year That Was in the Data Center

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Renewing Colocation Contracts: Getting More, Spending Less

Enterprises can successfully reduce costs and improve services during most contract renewals if managers are aware of market dynamics and intelligently plan the process.

SASE Key to Unlocking Zero Trust Adoption

Since Zero Trust was coined in 2010, it has been proclaimed by the network security community as the ideal access model to adopt. Still, it’s only recently that businesses have started to implement Zero Trust for their network security frameworks.

100G to 800G: Building the Future High-speed Network

More than half of the data center switch ports shipped in 2024 will operate at data rates of 100 Gbps or greater. Here are the trends driving companies to upgrade.

Hybrid Cloud Central to Colocation's Future

As public clouds grow more sophisticated, it becomes harder and harder for data center providers to build compelling offerings by selling rack space.

Data Center Security Compliance and Standards: What's New in 2021?

New rules are being issued related to edge data center networking and security, data privacy in various parts of the world, and ransomware. Existing legislation is being broadened in scope.

Why Data Centers Need More Machine Learning to Improve Efficiency

Faced with hefty penalties for downtime, data centers are looking for new ways to maintain uptime, drive energy efficiency and stave off DDoS attacks. Leveraging machine learning can help a great deal, but challenges must be overcome.