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Part 4 of AFCOM's Consider This: Top 5 Considerations When Using MSP Services

Data center managers have been using software-as-a-service and managed service provider (MSP) services for years. Why run it in-house when it might be cheaper, easier, or simpler to outsource it?

2022 Trends to Watch for Data Center Physical Infrastructure

Omdia's Moises Levy recently presented an AFCOM webinar on the trends to watch for data center physical infrastructure this year. Here's a recap.

Reliance on One Cloud Provider Recipe for Disaster

No matter how many regions or data centers are utilized, a single cloud provider is still a single point of failure. If the cloud provider has a major network issue, a control plane problem, or experiences a hacking event, these problems or cloud fai

Future of Work Megatrends

Remote work will continue to evolve and develop, and we are in no way in perfect harmony with our needs for business productivity and where we can be. This report summarizes key technological megatrends that impact remote work and will help decision-

Demystifying Energy Storage Safety Standards Amid Rapid Innovation

Mission critical data centers are increasingly challenged to meet new energy safety standards as a result of rapidly developing innovations. This whitepaper by Mitsubishi takes the mystery out of what's expected from data centers.

The Flash-Native Future is Coming, and You’ll Like its Price Tag

All-flash data centers are the data centers of the future, giving organizations the ability to achieve better infrastructure performance, speed, and efficiency.