Introducing the Data Center Institute

The Data Center Institute is a think tank that focuses on the emerging trends around innovation, technological change, macro-economic shifts and workforce dynamics shaping the data center and IT infrastructure industry worldwide. Its mission is to advance knowledge and inform data center and IT infrastructure professionals through producing independent research, presenting webcasts and speaking at conferences like Data Center World on major issues and opportunities affecting the future of data centers and IT infrastructures.

Board members of the Data Center Institute are selected for their depth of expertise, experience and forward-thinking insights. They come from leading companies across varying functions including IT, IT operations, critical facilities, data center and cloud architecture and product/service development. This broad scope of function and experience ensures a 360 perspective on emerging trends and on how each segment within the data center and IT infrastructure market could be affected by change.

The Data Center Institute produces research papers and publications on a regular basis. In addition, one or more industry research studies are conducted per year under guidance of the Data Center Institute and in affiliation with AFCOM, the association for data center and IT infrastructure professionals. These industry research studies are made available to AFCOM members.