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Catching the Next Wave in Data Center Cooling

Posted on 10/28/2021
In this workshop, participants will review the progress of Open Compute Project’s Advanced Cooling Facilities workstream.

The Data Center Hybrid 19 Elements – Cloud/Colocation/Enterprise Impact –COVID 19 and Update

Posted on 10/28/2021
Learn about the continued transformation of data centers, cloud, colocation, and enterprise data center optimization.

The Logistics and Economics of Data Center Rightsizing

Posted on 10/28/2021
This presentation walks through a right-sizing scenario and the associated economics.

Case Study: How Public/Private Partnerships Fuel the Development and Expansion of the Network

Posted on 10/30/2021
A case study on how a Chicagoland data center provider built a unique consortium of city and state governments, private investors, carriers, and data center service providers to develop a high-speed network from Ohio to Illinois.

How People, Process and Technology are Redefining Data Center Operations

Posted on 11/1/2021
In this session, attendees will learn how data center owners can safeguard their critical facilities, minimize risk, and maximize performance.

Data Center Interconnection – Key Enabler for Enterprise Digital Transformation

Posted on 11/1/2021
Enterprises have been challenged to fast-track their digital transformation plans and ensure their networks operate and connect to where they're supposed to.

Navigating the Path to Decarbonization One Perf Tile at a Time

Posted on 11/1/2021
In this discussion, we’ll discuss a data center resiliency roadmap for next generation data center operations and a comprehensive power resiliency strategy that incorporates long-duration availability with cleaner, sustainable options that offer adva

Balancing Safety, Security and Convenience in Colocations

Posted on 11/1/2021
What role does security play in co-location from visitor management to effectively securing racks/cages and proper access.

Pivot the Power Paradigm: A Panel Discussion on 415/240 VAC Power To Better Serve Customers

Posted on 11/1/2021
A recent success story with data center powerhouse, Equinix, demonstrates how the 415/240 VAC transition is effective when there is close cooperation between operators and suppliers, and highlights how colocation providers can reap these benefits and

Case Study: A Glimpse Into the Future - The Urban 5G Project

Posted on 11/1/2021
Keith Rutledge, GM, EdgePoint for Compass Datacenters, will present an overview of the structure of future urban 5G networks,

The Devil is in the Details: Strategic MEP Upgrades in Data Centers

Posted on 11/1/2021
This presentation focuses on the special challenges of upgrading the electrical and mechanical systems of a live data center.

Get With the Program Using Proven Methods to Expand Construction

Posted on 11/1/2021
An informative panel discussion will feature representatives from a general contractor (JE Dunn), owner, trade partner, and engineer to share their different perspectives on the benefits and mindset of implementing a designated program for data cente

Unrealized Effects of Natural Hazards on Data Center Business Performance

Posted on 11/1/2021
We examine a case study to determine the annual likelihood of a facility suffering damage if constructed to Building Code in the 1990s.

Case Study: Keeping Your Cool in Hotlanta

Posted on 11/1/2021

Vendor Neutrality and Open Source: Optimizing the Data Center Design Process

Posted on 11/1/2021
When it comes to building a data center, organizations need to balance timelines and costs with their unique geographical and technological requirements.

The Colo Commandments Strategies for Enterprise Use of Colocation

Posted on 11/1/2021
This session will provide a graphic PowerPoint plus a takeaway checklist of action items for data center managers, including tips for getting credit personally for meeting corporate goals. The session will include examples (with redacted company name

Best Practices for Skills Based Hiring and Diversity

Posted on 11/1/2021
This panel covers topics such as the right way to pen an inclusionary job description, how to find parallel skills, and other tools.

Implementing PMO Model to Ensure Precise Execution of Data Center Security Systems

Posted on 11/1/2021
This session will provide an overview about implementing a programmatic approach to deliver security system integration projects to meet enterprise level Data Center companies' standards and expectations.

From Data Centers to Cell Towers, Energy Continues to Dominate Communications

Posted on 11/1/2021
This session will go through the process utilized to identify the data center energy conservation measures, analysis to predict the energy savings, project scope and details, measurement & verification, results, and next steps.

Energy Efficiency and Cash Incentives for Data Centers

Posted on 11/1/2021
What steps can owners or managers take to maximize the benefits offered through energy efficiency programs?

The Inclusive Project

Posted on 11/1/2021
This session examines how technology, and the associated processes it makes possible, are intersecting to facilitate inclusive project environments.

Data Center Sustainability Workshop Presented by OMDIA Research

Posted on 11/1/2021
In this workshop, Omdia seeks to frame the topic and provide you with tactics to make the data center more sustainable, including how to reduce energy consumption.

Prevent Thermal Runaway in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Posted on 11/1/2021
This session will explain the four stages of battery failure and how to prevent a thermal runaway with proper "Advanced Detection" at the appropriate stage of failure.

Leveraging IoT - Remote Support Systems

Posted on 11/1/2021
No more a new frontier, leveraging web based IoT devices for the management of remote infrastructure makes operations easier and allows for cost effective deployed technology to assist on the frontline of critical high value facilities.

What's All the Hype About Cloud Service Provider Hyperscalers?

Posted on 11/1/2021
This session provides details on the latest solutions from the major cloud players, including Amazon (AWS), Microsoft, Google and IBM, plus insights on how the adoption of services from hyperscalers will continue to escalate.