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Hiring Cloud Talent Will Improve Cybersecurity

Posted on 1/16/2018
It's critical that today’s organizations have a plan for hiring elite cloud talent who are prepared tackle tomorrow’s toughest cybersecurity challenges.

Extending Uptime Through Single Department Ownership of Network and Power Cabling

Posted on 1/16/2018
IT and network operations departments most often install the network cabling in a data center, from the telecom rooms through patch panels and out to server cabinets. If more than one group is responsible for elements of this work, the same potential

Looking Beyond the Hype: The Practical Side of AI in the Data Center

Posted on 1/8/2018
No doubt somebody somewhere is pitching an executive about the wonders of robotic IT staff or a data center completely run by HAL or IBM Watson. A better approach for data center managers is to gravitate toward the tangible, obvious implementations.

How Data Sovereignty Will Affect IT in 2018

Posted on 1/8/2018
Data sovereignty is all about ensuring that there is clarity around where the data is located and what laws it is subject to, which is a big challenge for the cloud adoption trend facing organizations.

The Fundamental Principles of a Data Center Operations Plan

Posted on 1/8/2018
As part of the effort to improve the level of your operational planning there are five fundamental principles that should be part of your plan for ensuring that the first question you ask after taking the keys to your new data center isn't "What now?

Five Trends to Impact Data Center Ecosystems

Posted on 1/2/2018
A global panel of experts from Vertiv, formerly Emerson Network Power, addresses five trends heating up as we enter a new year.

Hybrid Cloud, Data Protection, and the Adoption of OpenStack

Posted on 1/2/2018
Look for hybrid cloud adoption to expand, changes to data protection due to GBPR and OpenStack's growth internationally.

Predictions That Simply Won't Materialize

Posted on 1/2/2018
As we enter a new year, pundits from around the IT industry are offering their predictions for 2018. But if history teaches us anything, it’s that 2018 will be known more for what doesn’t happen than for what does.

The Year of the Self-Learning Data Organization

Posted on 1/2/2018
Whatever the industry or business need, organizing data in 2018 should be a top priority for companies big and small.

Women Warriors: Never Stop Learning - Ellen Rubin's Career Lessons

Posted on 12/11/2017
From a college student majoring in liberal arts and taking few technology classes, to the CEO of a global enterprise storage company, these are some of the lessons that have marked Ellen Rubin's journey.