The AFCOM Journal, printed three times annually, is a trusted source of analysis and trends exclusive to data center professionals in the AFCOM community. Each issue provides focused, next-level insight into a theme chosen by AFCOM editors based on issues raised by AFCOM members during chapter meetings – ensuring that the content addresses the top priorities of our members. We explore frontline issues and technologies and offer practical advice, peer best practices, and under-the-hood technology overviews to help AFCOM leaders stand out among their peers in championing data center needs and business continuity.

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Summer 2020
Next-Level Networking: A Turbo Boost for Data Centers

In this issue of The AFCOM Journal we delve into next-level networks and address the challenges of channeling unprecedented amounts of information through the data center and to critical end points. The advent of 5G, cloud platforms, edge computing, telecoms, data retrieval, and storage requires knowing the latest on network design, management, throughput, and complexity. You’ll find best practices and articles that dig deep into next-level networking so you can be prepared for and take advantage of the newest, key technologies.

  • Next-level Networking Needs: Speed, Speed, Speed
  • How the Internet of Things is Transforming Networking
  • Best Practices for Future Proofing Data Center Networks
  • What Should 5G Mean for Data Centers
  • Best Practices: Your Emerging 5G Journey Checklist . . . and more


Spring 2020
AFCOM: Forty Years Strong

In this issue, you’ll find a blend of forward-thinking articles on renewables, colocation, and next-generation monitoring and a look back at the history of data centers—and AFCOM

  • A 'Brief' History of Data Centers
  • AFCOM Celebrates Forty Years!
  • Renewed Thinking About Renewable Energy
  • Next-Generation Monitoring: IT Operational Analytics (ITOA)
  • Death of the Data Center, or Your Career?


Spring 2019

Data Center World - 2019: An Industry Inflection Point

Learn about all the happenings in this year's Data Center World as well as the results of AFCOM's 2019 State of the Data Center Industry Report.

  • A Review of Our Digitally Native Industry
  • We Are Coming Untethered
  • Farm-to-Farm-to-Robot: Moving Security from a Silo Into the 21st Century
  • The Mission Critical Nature of Transferring Knowledge for Data Center Operations
  • Data Centers, Climate Change & Motorcycles: The Path and Power to Reduce Carbon Emissions


Summer 2019
Co-Location, Co-Location, Co-Location

Read about when to choose co-location, how to pick a provider, and how to bridge the gap between cloud and co-location

  • Colocation Considerations
  • Bridging Cloud and Colocation
  • Future Trends to Attract Enterprises
  • Understanding and Commanding the Move
  • Robust Trends Boost the Industry


Winter 2018
Data Center of the Future: What's Next for Edge?

Read about when to choose co-location, how to pick a provider, and how to bridge the gap between cloud and co-location

  • Life on the Edge
  • Case Study: Packet Partners with Sprint to Roll Out IoT Platform
  • Building Out the Edge
  • Burning Questions and Red-Hot Predictions for Edge's Near Future
  • Are Your Peers Embracing the Edge?