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DCI Board on Data Centers Five Years Down the Road

Posted on 3/18/2019
We asked DCI board members: How do you see data centers changing five years down the road and what will influence those changes?

Comparing Top Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Posted on 3/18/2019
Things are changing rapidly in the hyper-converged infrastructure space. Here’s what you need to know today.

Disaster Recovery, Security Plans Should Include Digitizing Paper Records

Posted on 3/12/2019
The most important thing any company can do to secure their paper records is to digitize them and store them in the cloud. These are the first steps toward secure document management.

Leaving a Green Footprint: Ignoring Sustainability is Unsustainable

Posted on 3/11/2019
Not everyone has the resources to build an entirely new data center from the ground up using the latest green materials and technologies - and position it beside a wind farm, solar plant or hydroelectric dam.

How to Get Your Data Center Ready for 100G

Posted on 3/4/2019
Companies are rapidly investing in systems and processes to retain business data that they know is valuable but have no clue what to do with it.

Soup to Servers - Fundamentals of Data Center Design

Posted on 2/25/2019
Join Carrie Goetz for a unique interactive workshop on data center design at DCW on March 19 in Phoenix.

I’m Kyle Moore and #IAmTheDataCenter

Posted on 2/25/2019
Here's another #IAmTheDataCenter profile. Meet Kyle Moore, Manager Data Center Operations, Neustar.

New AFCOM Career Center Can Help Navigate Changing Data Center Job Market

Posted on 2/18/2019
The evolving data center job market may have some professionals seeking new positions and employers clamoring to find better suited candidates. AFCOM's new member-exclusive Career Center can help.

Understanding the Importance of Electrical Consumption, Global Climate Change

Posted on 2/11/2019
This Data Center World workshop presented by DCI Board Member Kevin Kent on March 19 will review three real life data center scenarios that illustrate how to reduce electrical consumption and carbon footprint while applying specific energy efficiency

Thanks, and ​Looking Forward to a Great 2019!

Posted on 1/28/2019
We want to thank our members for their loyalty and fill everyone in on what's in store for 2019.