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Part 4 of AFCOM's Consider This: Top 5 Considerations When Using MSP Services

Posted on 4/25/2022
Data center managers have been using software-as-a-service and managed service provider (MSP) services for years. Why run it in-house when it might be cheaper, easier, or simpler to outsource it?

That's a Wrap on Data Center World 2022!

Posted on 4/9/2022

Part 3 of AFCOM's Consider This: Top 5 Considerations When Coping with a Supply Chain Slowdown

Posted on 4/8/2022

Part 2 of AFCOM's Consider This: Top 5 Considerations When Adding More Storage

Posted on 3/17/2022
Here are five of the top considerations for those contemplating adding more storage.

Part 1 of AFCOM's Consider This: Top 5 Considerations When it is Time for a Server Refresh

Posted on 3/3/2022
Here are five of the top considerations for those contemplating or in dire need of a server refresh.

2022 Trends to Watch for Data Center Physical Infrastructure

Posted on 2/1/2022
Omdia's Moises Levy recently presented an AFCOM webinar on the trends to watch for data center physical infrastructure this year. Here's a recap.

Reliance on One Cloud Provider Recipe for Disaster

Posted on 1/31/2022
No matter how many regions or data centers are utilized, a single cloud provider is still a single point of failure. If the cloud provider has a major network issue, a control plane problem, or experiences a hacking event, these problems or cloud fai

Five Backup and Recovery Practices to Protect Your Azure-Hosted Virtual Desktop Investment

Posted on 1/3/2022
Virtual desktops have become a mission critical IT component. Updating backup and recovery practices will ensure greater resiliency during public cloud outages.

The Flash-Native Future is Coming, and You’ll Like its Price Tag

Posted on 1/3/2022
All-flash data centers are the data centers of the future, giving organizations the ability to achieve better infrastructure performance, speed, and efficiency.

How to Future-Proof Your Data Center Management Through Smart Integrations

Posted on 1/3/2022
A DCIM solution that allows for smart integrations between business-critical systems can provide a transparent view of the entire infrastructure and maintain data in one place.