Liz Cruz: Our New Director of Data Center Programs

We are  pleased to announce our newest AFCOM team member: Liz Cruz, Director of Data Center Programs for Informa Tech.

Liz Cruz has been researching, analyzing and forecasting key technology trends for the data center market for over a decade. In her previous role as Head of Omdia’s Data Center Research Practice, Liz was a frequent speaker and advisor on adoption and use cases for data center technologies.
More recently, as the Product Manager for Data Center & IT at Informa Tech, Liz developed products for data center operators and vendors that span across research, media and events. The goal of Liz’s work was to provide insight that drives conversation and business partnerships in this important industry.
Liz now serves as the Director of Data Center Programs for Informa Tech, which includes AFCOM (the association for data center and IT infrastructure professionals), DEEP (a sustainability certification for data centers) and content programing for our Data Center World event series.  

Liz is eager to get to know all of you and understand what each chapter and members' interests and priorities are for 2022 and beyond.