Be Part of the 2020 State of the Data Center Survey!

How cool would it be to see something you authored in the 2020 State of the Data Center report – the most comprehensive overview of the data center industry trusted by thousands of tech professionals to support their data center planning?

We’re asking AFCOM members to submit questions they’d like to see answered by their industry colleagues and to help create insight into the very issues that keep people up at night.

Are you curious what percentage of your colleagues are eschewing an edge computing strategy? Have you been nagged by not knowing how many data center professionals know how to change a rack? Did you ever want to know the average age of the data center professional? (Well, we ask that every year, so that’s already in there). You get the idea.

Submit a question that you’ve always wanted answered and that you feel will bring important insight to your colleagues. If we choose one of your questions for the final survey (and it’s not one we’ve already included in the draft of this year’s survey), we’ll not only give you credit in the final report and call you out from the stage at Data Center World, we’ll give you a 50% discount on your pass to the conference.

Submit your questions to There’s no limit to how many. Deadline is Friday, Sept. 27, at noon (EST). We’ll announce which questions and authors have been chosen for our final survey, and you’ll see the results from the survey at Data Center World in San Antonio, March 16-19, 2020. Want to join us there regardless? Click here for more info and to register.