Potomac Chapter Announces Internship Winners

The AFCOM Potomac Chapter has placed eight interns for the 2021 Summer Program.   This is an eleven-week program designed to introduce the interns with hands-on experience in areas of mechanical, electrical, facilities management, construction, airflow management and sales.  Each intern will spend 1 – 2 weeks (or more) with their sponsor company, working in areas of interest to support their goal of working in the industry upon graduation or completion of their curriculum.  Depending on the student and the sponsor, multiple areas may be covered during their assignment.

The names of the interns and the sponsor companies are below. Keep a lookout for the next issue of The AFCOM Journal where we will devote a section to the topic of internships and learn more about the winners.


2021 Interns

Will Shaheen                     Towson University         

William Alexander           Northern Virginia Community College 

Deborah Martinez           Northern Virginia Community College  

Lauren Davis                     Penn State 

Braden Adam                    Virginia Tech 

Austin Johnson                 Virginia Tech

Austin Williams                 Virginia Commonwealth University 

Gregory SheerCook        Virginia Commonwealth University