Word from the president

Greetings from the South Texas Chapter of AFCOM (Meetings held in San Antonio)

Please join us at a meeting and learn about the South Texas Chapter of AFCOM. We would like you to join our Chapter, below are 10 reasons we think you should.

1. Our chapter is completely free, the only requirement is that you maintain your annual membership to the national AFCOM organization.  No pressure and no monthly dues or meeting fees.
2. You will surely enjoy networking and talking shop with some of the best data center operators in the world.  Our active members include Microsoft, Lowes, Capital Group, Valero Energy Corporation, Chevron, San Antonio City Public Service and many others. 
3. We meet bimonthly starting each February.  Our members enjoy the opportunity to network with others in the industry and look forward to our informative meetings.
4. We meet at different locations, usually at a data center, and we offer a wide range of topics.  We cover the gamut of our industry from green-field construction, to servers, to data center efficiencies, to facilities maintenance, and everything in between. 
5. We have data center tours at many of our meetings which offers you an opportunity to see how other data center operators do things. 
6. We listen to you and we value your input on topics that you would like to learn more about.  We have a powerful pull in the industry and we are able to get the best industry professionals to present. 
7. Presentations are not manufacturer specific.  The presenters are briefed in advance that a sales pitch is not welcomed.  In fact, our Board reviews the slide deck of each potential presenter in advance and we approve or asked for modifications before we actually book the speaker.  This provides you with a meeting where you gain new information without sales influences.
8. Meetings are sometimes panels of your peers that open the floor to issues and concerns you may have within the data center operations realm. 
9. We have a great Board of Directors that work hard to bring you the best local Chapter possible.
10. We have a popular free social event (with food and drink) at year end that not only offers a great presentation but also is a good kick off for the upcoming New Year.

Come to a meeting and learn more about the South Texas Chapter.

Nelson Sigoloff
President, South Texas Chapter

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