Word from the president

Dear Industry Colleagues:

Thanks you for your interest in our regional chapter. The value our organization offers is defined by professionals like you. We count on your participation. Whether you want to simply follow our online group discussions, join us for our quarterly meetings throughout Southern California, or plan on taking a more active role, we welcome you and look forward to having you.

Our mission at AFCOM Southern California is to enable data center management and IT professionals to share industry best practices by providing a forum for dissemination of critical information; to provide education on key data center management and IT issues; to provide the industry's most comprehensive insight and analysis in key areas affecting all data-intensive organizations; and to be the most comprehensive and effective resource available to the overall data center and IT community.

The velocity of change in our industry is fascinating and challenges us to more than ever. Our eco system of professionals creates the perfect local system to adopt to those challenges. If you are not already a member, now is the time. Join us.

Carsten Baumann
AFCOM Southern California


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