Chapter Board Members

Scott Milliken

Chapter President


Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Scott Milliken has spent his entire career working in the IT and automation entries, starting at the age of 17 while a student at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga campus and working for a small systems integrator. He spent most of his time writing custom software for the automated ID (barcode and RFID) industry, specializing in portable data entry terminals for inventory and logistics applications. After moving to Atlanta just before the Olympics took place in that city, he took on a job as a Linux System Administrator for D&B Software’s pharmaceutical analytics division, which later spun off into a separate company and changed names several times through mergers and acquisitions. After several years of Atlanta traffic, he decided to move back home to Nashville, TN, where he worked as a Network Engineer for a small CLEC named Bluestar Communications. From there he moved on to work at Sun Microsystems at the peak of the Dot-Com bubble, acting as a technical sales overlay specializing in the Telecom and Data Center industries. In 2005 Scott decided to focus more on staying home and took on the role of Data Center Manager for Vanderbilt University in Nashville, and within two years had founded the TN Chapter of AFCOM. He also started putting his experience in inventory, logistics, and programming to use and wrote an internal application at Vanderbilt for managing the inventory of his data center. In 2009 he was approached by Oak Ridge National Laboratory for an opening as the Computer Facility Manager, which he accepted. After obtaining permission from Vanderbilt to move his application to open source, he made the first public release of openDCIM. He continues to maintain and expand the capabilities of openDCIM to this day, which has now been translated into more than a dozen languages and is in use around the world. Scott is married and has two children, and is an active leader in both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Warren Eckstein

Chapter Director

Jeffery Smith

Chapter Secretary

Jeff started his IT career working at a Briggs and Stratton Corporation plant on the college production line. Upon completion of an Associates of Arts Degree in Psychology at Three Rivers Community College, he became a Machine Technician Level B and maintained heavy part making machinery. He also was able to learn Allen-Bradley Ladder Logic programming. Quickly becoming adept with the code, he took on higher positions doing coding for other machines in the factory.

Jeff continued his education by attending Arkansas State University 90 miles from the plant. While driving back and forth to school, he continued obtaining promotions until he became an Assembly Line Supervisor, where new employees would start and be trained. After a couple of years in this position, he was able to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree from Arkansas State University in Management Information Systems(MIS) where he learned HTML, Java and COBOL coding along with basic knowledge of Network and Systems Administration in the year 2000.

Once his Bachelor’s degree was earned, Jeff was eager to pursue a career in Information Technology, so he began interviewing with other companies in the major cities. Management at Briggs and Stratton, upon being told of his desires to transition to IT, offered him a position at their corporate offices in Wauwatosa, WI doing ABAP programming in SAP in order to keep him with the company.

Jeff agreed to work in Wisconsin for 2 years as a trial, but ended up staying there for three and a half years doing multiple programs for many different facets of the company. He was exposed to ITIL standards with incident and change management by becoming the Sparta TrackWise Administrator for Briggs and Stratton. This position allowed a much broader view into the workings of an IT department, including the Data Center processes on top of ABAP coding for multiple aspects of the business through SAP. He also began working on his Master’s Degree in Technology Management.

Due to family needs, Jeff had to move closer to home, ending his 12 year career at Briggs and Stratton. He took a new position programming in ABAP at a growth organization, Tractor Supply Company(TSC), at Brentwood, TN in 2004. At TSC, many opportunities were presented where Jeff was able to learn Remedy Administration (Change & Incident Management), Cisco Tidal Administration (Job Scheduling), SQL Database utilization and Operations Management (Data Center Included). Jeff was responsible for 24x7 coverage of the Operations team, the development and production data centers, job scheduling and was manager of change control. As the company grew, Jeff was promoted to Critical Facilities Engineer, overseeing the Data Center and all the computer rooms at the Distribution Centers. He joined AFCOM in order to continue learning and sharing experiences with his peers regarding data center environments. Jeff continues to work in this role and has been part of AFCOM for the last 5 years. His recent work was instrumental in bringing Infrastructure Change Management processes to the Data Centers and IT rooms for the company, and implementing a DCIM solution using OpenDCIM.

Tractor Supply Company

Married Father of two working in Critical Facilities Industry for 7 years and AFCOM member for 5 years.