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Past newsletters have featured articles including:

  • IT Infrastructure Predictions for 2016
  • Is Your Organization Ready for Application and Desktop Virtualization?
  • Five Ways to Increase Data Center Resilience
  • The Impact of Emerging Data Rates on Layer One Fiber Cabling Infrastructure
  • The whole package: Is parcel protocol right for your data transfer needs?
  • What Senior Execs Must Know about Enterprise Data Center Strategy
  • The Year That Was in the Data Center

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Future of Work Megatrends

Remote work will continue to evolve and develop, and we are in no way in perfect harmony with our needs for business productivity and where we can be. This report summarizes key technological megatrends that impact remote work and will help decision-

Demystifying Energy Storage Safety Standards Amid Rapid Innovation

Mission critical data centers are increasingly challenged to meet new energy safety standards as a result of rapidly developing innovations. This whitepaper by Mitsubishi takes the mystery out of what's expected from data centers.

Five Backup and Recovery Practices to Protect Your Azure-Hosted Virtual Desktop Investment

Virtual desktops have become a mission critical IT component. Updating backup and recovery practices will ensure greater resiliency during public cloud outages.

The Flash-Native Future is Coming, and You’ll Like its Price Tag

All-flash data centers are the data centers of the future, giving organizations the ability to achieve better infrastructure performance, speed, and efficiency.

How to Future-Proof Your Data Center Management Through Smart Integrations

A DCIM solution that allows for smart integrations between business-critical systems can provide a transparent view of the entire infrastructure and maintain data in one place.

Today's Alternative Architecture is Tomorrow's Standard Facility

Mainframes won’t be replaced anytime soon, and AI is opening a lot of doors for sustaining and improving systems reliant on them.

Cognitive Automation: Leveraging AI to Simplify the Mainframe

Mainframes won’t be replaced anytime soon, and AI is opening a lot of doors for sustaining and improving systems reliant on them.

How Women, Companies Can Close the Gender Gap

The pandemic has set back the efforts to hire more women for tech-related jobs. Here's how companies can help boost the numbers.

The Strategic Power of Data-led Cloud Migration

Data-led migration is not just about moving data to the cloud, but also harnessing that data once it is in the cloud in order to improve decision-making abilities.