Central Ohio Chapter November Meeting 2018

We had a great time at the AFCOM Central Ohio Chapter meeting - download the presentation below (under the photos) for more details.

Electrical Infrastructure Update at OhioHealth

  • Original infrastructure dated from 1987
  • Although some components were updated, main protection and distribution remained the same
  • Fusible switch design lacked flexibility needed for coordination
  • Ground fault protection design a single point of failure
  • High levels of arc flash hazard hindered maintenance


Reasons for change

  • Improve maintainability by reducing arc flash hazard energy
  • Improve coordination to reduce impact of electrical faults
  • Building outage caused by chiller motor fault and GFI operation
  • Potential for more outages due to ground fault protection design
  • Needed to eliminate single points of failure from GFI
Click the link below to download the presentation:
AFCOM Central Ohio 20181108
(Adobe PDF File)