We hosted our chapter meeting in partnership with FirstEnergy on October 30, 2018.

The enlightening and engaging agenda topics included:

  • Trends and Best Practices for Efficient Mission Critical Power – E Technologies/Powersmiths;
  • Free Cooling with Economizers – Donwil Company;
  • ASHRAE Guidelines for Data Center Cooling – Johnson Controls;
  • Case Study for Data Center Optimization – Environmental Control Specialists;
  • Future Trends in the Data Center World – Dave Sterlace, ABB Group;
  • Update on the FirstEnergy Ohio Energy Efficiency Programs for data center operations – FirstEnergy/Sodexo.

  • This presentation showcases Data Center Optimization Through controlled air flow using Physical and Virtual Containment - An Enterprise Data Center Case Study

    This study focuses on a practical example of air flow optimization that led to Annual Energy Savings of $65,000!

    Other results:
    * Plenum Pressure Increases from 0.034” WC to 0.061”WC;
    * Racks are thermally satisfied evenly over 42U;
    * Cooling per kW is reduced from 243CFM to 150CFM;
    * Return air temperatures to CRAC increase 16°F;
    * Bypass air greatly reduced;
    * PUE reduction from 2.5 to 1.7

    Download the presentation for more details: