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AFCOM’s local chapter program is designed to help members build relationships with peers and learn from industry experts. This is done through regional meetings that take place in small group settings. Members who become involved in local chapters gain insight into current data center issues, have instant connections to resources and information, and are part of a team of industry professionals in their area.

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President of the Indiana – Central Chapter
President of Central IN Chapter

Tom Dale

Tom Dale, President and owner of Midwest Computer Accessories is the Central Indiana Chapter President. Tom has been a data center specialist/reseller for over 30 years. MCA specializes in rack enclosures, intelligent power, environmental management software as well as a host of other data center products to help with a smooth operation. Along with his involvement with AFCOM, Tom is involved with Indianapolis center city education and providing sports programs for disadvantaged youth. He is also part of several business associations, and most recently committed to Fuller House, an organization that builds homes for the poor on the near Southside of Indianapolis. AFCOM Chapter Description- The Central Indiana Afcom Chapter is celebrating its 10th year! We meet quarterly at various locations or data centers and discuss/present info on various topics relating to data center operations. We also try to have a social once a year, with a short meeting beforehand. Our chapter is growing, after having a few years of stagnant growth.

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