Word from the president

As President of the Omaha AFCOM Chapter, I want to welcome you and thank you for being a member and for participating in this mission critical group. Our shared purpose is to elevate society through leadership, learning and networking opportunities for those supporting information technology services. I am proud to be one member of so many who serve not just our regional community, but also the national AFCOM organization. Leading the technology people and environments into an evolving future is what we choose to do - to help elevate the human experience.

Your AFCOM Board seeks to expand and enhance the cooperative efforts of the technology and the facilities professionals who together, serve societies information technology needs. To that end, the Omaha Board is responsible to you to LEAD, to LEARN and to CONNECT this community of people through continuous improvement. Your Board meets weekly to listen, to plan and to organize nearly seven regional events, and two

national conferences each year that focus on the needs of people like you. We invite you to connect and help expand our relationship with the community.

Today there are nearly 80 local members and growing. We especially appreciate the interest of our members who wish to serve each other and elevate the learning and networking opportunities. We recommend that you get involved today. Collectively, we can help promote effective mission critical environments while expanding the network of people committed to this purpose.

On behalf of the Omaha Board and our national leadership, I welcome you to our meetings and invite you to connect with your peers. Join and be a larger part of the community we serve.

- Scott Gatewood

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