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Did you know that by 2020 data center energy consumption will reach nearly 73 billion kW hours -- producing a carbon footprint equal to the United States airline industry?

Improve efficiency and reliability of your facility, free up capacity, extend equipment useful life, and increase redundancy!

Simply track your total load kW, IT load kW and facility load kW monthly and provide the information to AFCOM. We'll calculate and track your kW reduction.

The end user who reduces the most amount of energy usage within their data center will win the AFCOM Sustainability Award. End users must complete and return the 25kW report form monthly from August 2018 through January 2019. Award winners will be recognized at Data Center World in Phoenix, March 19-22 and will receive a $500 prize.

Complete the enrollment form! Enrollment deadline is July 31. AFCOM members and non-member end users are encouraged to participate!



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