While the AFCOM Midlantic Chapter started with a focus on Data Centers, over the years we have become much more! The Midlantic Chapter brings together professionals across all business disciplines with an interest in how technology and best practices can positively influence the way they offer services to their clients.

Since our membership spans a wide berth – Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware – we are able to offer a wide variety of options in topic, venue, and industry. The region continues to draw incubator companies developing new technologies, and boasts of some of the best universities, research institutions, and healthcare facilities in the United States. As a result, our membership is diverse. It is through this diversity that new relationships are forged, and create a unique membership experience.

We welcome you to join our chapter, or attend a Chapter meeting, and become part of the experience.


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Latest News from Midlantic Chapter

Upgrade Data Center Efficiencies

Data center operators across Greater Philadelphia are saving on upfront costs and managing operating expenses by installing energy-efficient equipment and taking advantage of utility incentives.

Reengineering Elections in the USA

How secure are our elections? What could we do to ensure that every vote counts? It is a well-known and demonstrable fact that a significant percentage of the voting and ballot tabulation systems currently used in US elections are riggable, using o

Cost Effective or Cost Prohibitive?

Over the past 10 -15 years we have seen an industry trend in Mission Critical Facilities towards pre-action sprinkler systems as their choice for fire protection. Part of this is driven by codes requiring buildings to be sprinklered. Sprinkler system

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